Spreadsheet 2 comes with various modules to help you compose the spreadsheet that you like.


Calculator contains tools to parse formula strings and evaluate them. We use a custom version of fast-formula-parser.

yarn add @rowsncolumns/calculator

Calculator Web worker

You can also run calculations in a web worker. Only the evaluation is done in a worker thread, while the dependency graph and dependency parser remains in the main UI thread

yarn add @rowsncolumns/calculator-webworker

DAG - Directed acyclic graph

The dag package is used to store cell dependencies. You can use it to get dependents and precedents of a cell

yarn add @rowsncolumns/dag


The functions package contains built-in functions supported by Spreadsheet. It also contains function descriptions, parameters etc.

yarn add @rowsncolumns/functions


This is the main canvas grid that powers the spreadsheet

yarn add @rowsncolumns/grid


Contains all icons used by Spreadsheet

yarn add @rowsncolumns/icons


All export/import functions are available in the toolkit

yarn add @rowsncolumns/toolkit

Spreadsheet State

Exposes hooks to manage spreadsheet state. Only required if you are not using a custom state management solution

yarn add @rowsncolumns/spreadsheet-state

UI Components

The UI package contains all shared components used by Spreadsheet. CSS is powered by Stitches. We do have plans to migrate to tailwind

yarn add @rowsncolumns/ui


Shared sheet utility functions

yarn add @rowsncolumns/utils

Y Spreadsheet

yarn add @rowsncolumns/y-spreadsheet

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